Pen To Paper is it a Lost art?

For those of you who hate to admit it but are closing in on the AARP list  do you remember a time when in school you learned to write? Really write, cursive writing and you practiced at it until it was clear and neat and readable? For those younger, before emails made the world lazy we used to hand write letters and mail them (novel concept). But emails have made all of us lazy . Texting is worse to the point that It’s like a whole different language when someone send me a text. Other than IDK (I don’t know) I spell everything out when I text …so old school of me I know. WE live in a visual world …Instagram, Facebook , Twitter , You Tube, streaming live on your phone etc. the need to write on paper has become something of a lost art …so for me if I want to put down an idea for a book( That hasn’t been written yet Lol)  …I write it the old fashioned way…on a paper with a pen (Horrors) yes the old pen to paper still holds value to One Man’s Opinion despite blogging.

Sometimes it just as refreshing to actually write something down on a piece of paper as opposed to always texting or writing via a laptop….Remember 250 word compositions? Do they make kids do that any more ? Have you seen some of the hand writing the kids have now especially the college kids ? Awful isn’t even close…the kids I work with I see what passes for hand writing and I can’t read it it’s that bad …ouch. If I got in trouble n school one punishment was write 500 time I will not talk in class, do that 500 times and your hand writing will get well real quick. Some how I don’t see parents today using that as a punishment…requires too much time and patience. But in the meantime …pen to paper isn’t a bad thing.


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