Some People are in your Life for a Reason, Some for a Season and others are there …to Stay

An ex girlfriend told me once that some people are in our life for a reason, sometimes for a season, little did I realize at that time that would be us. Which one a reason or a season is something I swing back and forth from time to time, that forementioned relationship did end, but one thing for sure was that things were set in motion for someone to enter my life to stay for a lifetime which turned out to be my wife Lucy.

Often those who we think are our friends tend to be just that for a time and then they fade, sometime at the first sign of trouble others just get caught up in their own lives and just fade away. Then there are others who have always been there, and will always be there those stay a lifetime.

Why do I mention that ? Because some times we hold on to those are not meant to stay and at the time it maybe hard to realize that, but it is true. Not everyone is meant to stay … a few excluding family will be the ones that will be with you a life time and will always have your back. Treasure those precious few those are the ones that appreciate the character and strength you bring to their life as much as they do yours.





2 responses

  1. This came at the right time, I do need to pay more attention to my friends. 🙂

    1. especially those who are there to stay

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