Nothing is more Limiting than Using the words …I Can’t

The previous post of Clear Your mind of I can’t just speaks volumes to something that I truly believe. If you have it in your mind you can’t do something, you will

1- Not do it

2- Look for every excuse to fail at whatever it is you are facing.

Life can and will be challenging we all know that. We should expect that. It requires mental toughness to meet head on those challenges. But when we say I Can’t…we limit ourselves , we lessen ourselves and we reject any and all options and opportunities to us to success in meeting and over coming those challenges. It is a conversation I often have with my daughter quite often as she is going through very challenging times and very often she calls me asking for help. Many times I do help some short term others are long term help. When I ask her try to do this or that first words out of her mouth are…I Can’t.

Why? …I just Can’t …again why? I don’t know I just Can’t. It’s hard. Okay life is hard but it gets harder when you don’t try or when you expect others to come to your rescue and then you have an out for why you can’t succeed.

I have failed many times, but not because of lack of effort, I Can’t …isn’t an option. Let’s try this wow that’s a challenge I didn’t see coming but how can I overcome it?

Make a stand erase the words I Can’t from your mind and vocabulary and see how much opportunities open up to you.



7 responses

  1. This is inspiring and very true. We often forget the power of “I can’t” in blocking us to do something. We also don’t realize how magically doors open when we say it’s opposite. I can and I will. 🙂

    1. Its been something I have been trying to get my daughter to understand for quite sometime and she still says I Can’t and I don’t Know…

      1. Maybe you should try a different approach, show her how it’s done. 🙂

      2. 25 years I have been showing her. Some things she needs to learn how to do and not look for someone to rescue her

      3. You’re right. We need to make our own mistakes, to learn.

    2. Thank you for reading and commenting I appreciate it Nicia.

      1. You’re very welcome. ❤

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