Prince …R.I.P.

First in 2009 it was Michael Jackson, then in 2012  it was Whitney Houston, this year it was David Bowie and now his royalness…Prince!  I grew up listening to the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, so his passing was hard because it was like feeling your own mortality slipping away from you same thing with Whitney Houston and now Prince. Only david Bowie in this group made it to 60…(69) to be exact. Prince was 57 a year older than I. He is too young to be gone yet he and his rival and peer Michael Jackson dies at age 50 or just 2 months shy of 51 . One thing I will say about David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Prince they were true entertainers and true to themselves and put it all out that there. You never felt cheated when they performed. Prince’s all night jam sessions with his bands were the stuff of legend and it is how in some cases he decided who was going to play with him, if dropped out you didn’t deserve to play with him. To say he was driven was an understatement , to say he was talented another understatement but to call him a sheer genius now you’re getting warm. You either liked him or hated him but you didn’t ignore him. When he changed his name to the symbol , it is apparent he knew what he was doing, even if it at the time seemed weird  and down right foolish after all he still was Prince.

It was Prince who introduced us to the group The Time (One of my all time favorite groups)which featured front man Morris Day , which in turn introduced us to super producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis which in turn introduced us to…Janet Jackson. the Janet Jackson what Have you done for me lately, Nasty and Control…all from the tree of his royalness …Prince. It was always a thrill to see what he would do next musically, always ahead of the curve and apologized to no one for being himself good bad or naughty he was …Prince. He will be missed R.I.P.



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