Ode to CrazyBear …

This is a poem I wrote back in April of 2003 about a co worker that I worked with for many years and through many transitions at work. At the beginning our paths crisscrossed, then we worked together for a while and we got close. We both were pranksters and he got me good once so when the opportunity presented itself I got him good. Crazybear was his online handle, he left work early one day sick on a Tuesday little did we know that would be the last day we would see him alive. He was found dead in his apartment 2 days later.

I wrote the following right after his funeral which many of my coworkers attended.

Ode to Crazy Bear


When I think of Crazy Bear

I will always think positive the happy go lucky

Prince of laughter in good times and bad

The laughs we shared and the talks we had



I was blessed to have worked with him through the years

And yes I share this pain I hurt inside and yes I shed many a tear

It feels out of place like he should still be here

He lived life the best as only he could

Talented with his hands an artist he was very good


He was always in for a laugh or two

And a prank was played and the victim was you

Especially if you were one he liked as a friend

The joker in him knew no end


There was so much more about him to know

This was way too soon for him to go

He was well liked by one and all

A Man for all seasons, spring winter summer and fall


You will be sorely missed

By whose lives your soul has blessed

Yes it is too soon for you to go

Especially when there was so much left of you to know


Sleep tight my friend, may your soul find rest

You will always be remembered as my friend

One of the very best


In memory of Ray Beck, 1961-2003



2 responses

  1. I feel the ache you’re must feel then. This is a masterpiece of a tribute post for a loved one. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. He was a workmate of mine and at first we didn’t get along but in time we became friends good friends and it hurt for awhile. I shared this poem with his family shortly after I wrote it and they felt it captured him completely.

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