When It Comes to Dating is Age Nothing but a Number?

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I wasn’t even going to write this post but my friend at Rinse before Use …EnglishRosiee bought up the subject in her post which is quite a good read Courgarlicious.

To start off my wife is 8 years younger than I, but you wouldn’t know by the way we interact and the same interest we have in common. We both have a lot of the same life experiences from being married before in long term marriages and children and grandchildren. But before we met I had set for myself the goal of not going below a certain age …in my case it was 35. My oldest 33 my youngest is 25 so anything in that range or even close to that age wasn’t going to work for me. Does it mean that I didn’t find younger women attractive ? Of course not but I was looking for shared experiences like what the work was like before cellphones and what the world was like before social media , as silly as it may sound to you it means a lot to someone like me. Well I joined a dating site and sure enough a very attractive woman sent a message to my profile wanting to get to know me so I checked out her profile and sure enough …age…30 ouch! We messaged each other and I explained what I was looking for and she replied …age ain’t nothing but a number. Which to some extent is true , but she was as we messaged each other was looking forward to starting a family while I had already raised a family and had children in her age range. I wasn’t looking to start a family. I was now a grandfather I was looking to do things that I put off doing while raising my children that I didn’t do a lot of , so starting over with starting a family wouldn’t allow me to do. I wished her well on her endeavor to find someone more to her liking but the experience in way did wonders for my self confidence that a 30 year old woman found me attractive enough to even make a move like that.

I am not saying it is wrong to date younger or older that is something you have to decide for yourself . Some older men date younger women for ego reasons to see if they can still attract the younger women or to make themselves feel younger, for older women maybe it is the feeling that it is no strings attached and the fact that maybe it feels a short term need for them , but there things to consider when choosing someone younger

1- Life Experience …if you have to explain what the world was like before social media , cellphones and DVD’s to 8 track tapes maybe it is a bigger issue than you might want to deal with.

2- Younger feels good for now but your goals are starkly different, if you already raised a family do you want to start another one?

3- Are you sure this person shares your same goal of being exclusive because they only be in it for just the thrill.

The list could go longer but you get the idea, think it through there is no hard fast rule for everyone. But the advice is the same for all…look before you leap.


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