There are Certain Things you Can Dress Up…

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A man in jeans and a shirt you can dress up into a nice suit and tie with a nice hair cut and cologne and boom you have a handsome man in a suit dressed up.

A woman can go from sweats to a sexy dress in heels and have long flowing hair and she will look beautiful . There are some things you can dress up….and then there are some things you can not. Every generation has it…expressions where words are said that are meant to be something else such as that’s cool meaning good or back in the day we said oh that’s bad meaning that was good or cool (seriously) but no matter how you dress some words  it still comes back to the same basic thing.


In today’s society this is especially true when it comes to dating …how long were you in a relationship ? Well we weren’t really in a relationship, we were just messing around…how many times have you heard that? What does that mean that we were just messing around? in short it means we were in a relationship but we don’t call it a relationship because we were not exclusive so we slept with each other when it was easy for us to do so. Hmmmmok. but you still were in a relationship of some kind correct ? Or When you are older you don’t say my girlfriend or my boyfriend it is friend or companion or you introduce that person to your friends or family and you go this is so and so …and everyone is suppose to assume that you two are in a ….relationship without you saying so …but it still is correct?

I just learned a new one called masterdate which is when you date youraself or go out on a date or do things that you would do on a date with someone instead that someone is you!Sounds very much like masterdate is a fancy way of saying Me Time. So my point is we can dress up certain to spin it a certain way whether it is because we think it sounds cute or because we don’t want to put a label on something (like a relationship)but it still doesn’t at it’s core change it for what it truly is.


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