Choose Your Battles Wisely

Perhaps it something that when you are young you seem to spend more energy doing and less when you get older but all too often we feel we have to fight for everything as if everything is life and death. I am here to tell you…everything isn’t a matter of life and death.

What brought this subject up in the first place? I was at a communications meeting at work and the floor was open to discuss what was on everyone’s mind, after a few moments of silence someone (not me) said we don’t like the uniforms we have to wear, we want to go back to the black shirts we used to have, we get laughed at and teased by everyone . The manager said it wasn’t her call this came from higher up to change it  and that if left to her she would have kept it the same as before. But this has been a sore spot for this department for months when it first was told to everyone that this was going to change. The group became more annoyed and wanted to request a meeting with the higher ups to see if they could convince them to change their minds…then finally I spoke up and said “You are at the first end of a long work career, me, not so much anymore, you have to pick your battles wisely , complaining about the shirts and being the only store to complain isn’t a fight you want to have with the new director of security, save your fight for something more important that can improve your work enviorment, but this isn’t a fight you want o have just because some one teases you about the color of the shirt you wear. It is about the person in the shirt not the color of the shirt”.

The point is too many times we pick fights are not going to do anything for us, not now not ever. Some things are worth fighting for…more pay , vacation time, medical benefits improving conditions at work or promotional opportunities and even then there is a way to fight and keep a positive flow with upper management. But you have to pick and choose your fights wisely. This is the same even beyond work even more so in our interpersonal relationships with our families our friends and our mates or a person we are in a relationship. Not everything has to be a won or loss fight and not everything has to be a fight. So again pick and choose your fights wisely you save and preserve the integrity of the relationship (Work/family/mates) and you will find the stress level will not be nearly as high in those areas.


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