Quality Counts Even When No one is Watching

You have heard the expression, if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it fall, does it make a sound?

For many it sounds foolish, of course it makes a sound, just because you didn’t see it happen, doesn’t mean it did not take place. It is the same with quality. Both at work and in our personal life quality is something that not everyone will see or even come to appreciate. Often times, we maybe over looked in our jobs for whatever reasons and we miss out on recognition or a promotional opportunity and mainly it is because no one notices our work. Does it mean that it doesn’t count for anything? Does the fact that no one may not see the quality of our work gives us a reason to do sloppy, shoddy don’t care work? Everyone may do that but is it right for you or I do that?

Depending on if you believe you answer to a higher authority or not that could affect how you look at the following…If you believe you answer to a superior being than yourself than you believe it does matter and that he is always watching what you do so it affects your behavior, if you don’t believe you do answer to a superior being than you need more to go on that when no one is watching it still matters anyway…

If no one is watching today, that you are aware of it doesn’t mean going forward that they will not. If that should happen you want to be caught doing somethingĀ  right not something that could lead to your demise so to speak. Even if say your employer doesn’t appreciate what you bring to the table or the quality of your work, know that down the road someone else will and the payoff will be to your benefit.

If it is in your personal life, the same holds true. People are drawn to quality people and a person’s reputation still holds water today. So if you are known as a quality person through and through in time that will bear fruit. In the mean time keep working at being a quality worker/ person even if you are not aware that you are being watched.



2 responses

  1. I agree that quality counts, even when no one is watching. There’s also another way of looking at it (other than you answer to universal being or that it might benefit you in the long run): we, ourselves, deserve quality! I like to do a good job at uni / work regardless of whether someone will notice because it’s a matter of me having pride in myself and my abilities. When I started thinking like that, I notice I put much more care into everything I did.

    1. absolutely correct you are spot on. It is about having pride in yourself and in your work even when no one else is looking. Great comment!

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