Make Smart Decisions …

When I was a kid growing up I thought being a adult one day would be easy, I could do what I want to do when I want to and how I want to. But little did I realize that with being an adult comes with making a lot of decisions many of them not easy ones to make either. Some decisions aren’t life changing like what toothpaste to buy or what to eat for dinner that night, but others …who you allow in your life, whether or not you have children, where to live, those set the wheels in motion for many other things to happen and if we choose wisely good things follow, if we make bad decisions …well needless to say we set ourselves up for failure. This was a recent conversation I had with my daughter. She isn’t in the best of health which affects other things in her life, but as I stressed to her it is still up to her to make smart decisions in her life. I can help give you advice, I can help you with some of the issues but I can not do everything for you nor make every decision for you any more. She is 25.She has been through a lot, some not of her own doing, others completely of her own doing by making bad decisions that set the wheels in motion to wreck havoc in her life for sometime.

So think things through before making random decisions. Because the decisions you make now can have an adverse effect on your life for sometime to come.


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