Stop Chasing the Money, Be about Your Passion


This was me at one point in my life , chasing money not out of greed but out of necessity to provide for my family. Bills, rent, food, car all required money and lots of it so I worked hard to make as much as I could and took advantage of every opportunity to work hard to make more money , worked overtime nights and weekends, took on a second job again nights and weekends and even held down a third. Sleep was what I did little of during that time. If this subject sounds familiar to you it’s because I covered this subject once before ( but this time I am covering this with a little more depth than the last time and a little more from my own personal experience.

So why am I even tackling this subject again? As a way of reminders. We tend to read something once and it may stay with us for a little while then we forget. The other reason is it is a trap we all easily fall into myself included and at that point when you see that you are chasing money stop yourself. Often times the more you chase the more frustrating the chasing becomes and when it comes to money there is never enough money to do all that you need to do. Unless you are extremely wealthy, you live paycheck to paycheck and I am sure that like me those pesky past due notices don’t go away magically on their own. So we end up making decisions that set in motion “The Chase” leave a job we like for one we don’t like because it pays more but is more stressful, or it’s a job where it is feast or famine but the feast makes up for the famine and while there is nothing wrong with exploring job opportunities be careful that you don’t get caught up making a decision just based on “The Chase” I gotta make this money right now or compromise your principles and values in an effort to make money.

So instead of focusing on “The Chase” make it your aim to be about your passion, if it is finger painting …go for it. If it is playing an instrument so be it. But whatever is your true passion, let that be the driving force in your life when it comes to living within your means don’t get caught up in chasing something that is here today gone, as soon as you get it. If you work your passion the money will find you at the right place at the right time.


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