If you don’t Like Something someone said…Does that Make them Wrong for Saying it?


Have you ever said something, wrote something and it didn’t go the way you wanted it? Maybe you thought you would get a nice response but then you get something that did not quite sit well? What did you do? Did you delete the comment? Avoid reading it altogether? Did you avoid the person if you said something and their reply wasn’t at all fit what you were looking for? At times others will say things that doesn’t quiet fit our comfort zone of hearing, but does that make them wrong for saying something?

Even here on our blogs sometimes we get comments that we just don’t get the warm fuzzy about, but does that make the person who wrote it wrong or are they expressing a point of view that should expand our thought process? There are many ways to look at this subject.

One thought is to ask questions draw the person out on the comment ask for clarification be sure you are understanding what they are saying clearly. Another thought is to think about what the person is trying to say by re-reading the thought again, sometimes we get a clearer picture when we give it another read through and realize they are making sense. Consider the source meaning where is the thought coming from. Is it someone who has a lot of experience in life and is sharing some of that experience or is it someone with less life experience and is speaking from an idealist point of view?

Whatever the case leave yourself open to receive comments, or feedback from anyone especially in a forum that you are seeking such comments Don’t be afraid to hear something that you might not agree with, just respect the person’s right to express their thought as long as it isn’t vulgar or disrespectful. This doesn’t apply to just you the reader, this goes for me as well, many times I have been told things that made me uncomfortable yet when I look back on it I realize the value in what was said and why it was said.

So if someone said something you didn’t like, does it make them wrong for saying it?



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