Believe in Your Beauty

I didn’t believe in it myself for a good portion of my life, for too long I listened to tapes in my head as one person told me once, to others who judged me by outward appearance and saw all the flaws and played to my worse fears about myself. Why are your feet so big? What happened to your chin? You’re so clumsy one day you’re going to hurt yourself but good…Why can’t your read like so- so he reads on a 8th grade level and he is in the 5th grade and you two years older and read on 6th level…what’s wrong with you? In part those comments didn’t inspire belief in myself, it only served to make me doubt myself as to how dumb was I, and only to plant the seeds of failure that would take root for a long time in my life. When there was a moment of success it was hard to believe that it was anything more than a fluke expect when it came to sports which was the one thing I knew I was good at. Even later as an adult I still let others influence me with back handed negative comments …” why do you want to do that?” Why do you want to go to school now?” “How is that going to benefit us?’ Not realizing that what I needed was support and positivity. Some times others don’t see what you see, if you see your own beauty believe in it. It took years for me to do just that.  It doesn’t mean you don’t listen to others , but you need to have a strong belief in you and what you bring to life and the inner beauty that you have in you needs to come out. For the ones that may not appreciate it, there will be others that will.
So believe in your beauty and let yourself fly.

2 responses

  1. People are so judgemental that they forget three things: 1) they aren’t seeing the whole picture (so they’ll rant and share their opinions about something they don’t know), 2) words are very powerful and can change someone’s life (for better or worse) and 3) people have feelings and they can get hurt very easily.

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