Why Do Grown Children feel the Need to Always Ask for Help?

I know this post might not sit well with some, yet this is one that you might say I am blowing off some steam. This one is personal. There was a time when as a parent you helped your child, you supported your child, you watched them grow up and then become adults who can support themselves and seldom would they ever ask for help, in fact you may have to ask do you need help with that son or daughter?

But now today, I am not sure why this is such a trend but one little bump in the road and right away the phone rings …I need help Dad, or do you have any money I can’t pay my phone or I need money for food or I need I need…It becomes often and the more you help the more draining it becomes. I am not ranting about young children, I know they need attention and lots of it I am talking about adult children some who have children of their own, who live or supposed to live on their own that every chance they get ask, beg for help way too often. I know we all fall on hard times and need some help but when it becomes chronic then it is a problem.

I know I have taught my kids how to take care of themselves yet it seems way too often they keep asking for help for basis things. Often times it is draining financially and emotionally for me.  What does a parent do when their adult children can’t seem to help themselves?


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