Who We Love, Who We Settle For and Who we’re Meant for


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    1. You don’t believe that ?

      1. I’m just not sure whether that’s true 🙂

      2. The person you are with may not be the person you are meant to be with long term , they could be a bridge to the one you are going to end up with. And in the mean time sometimes we settle because there are no other …people available or we settle out of desperation for the wrong person even when we see the red flags of impending danger…

      3. I can see that happening 🙂

      4. It happened to me so I know it is true. At the time I didn’t see it happening like that but one relationship (my marriage ended, then I ended up in a relationship that even thought I thought it was going to last didn’t then that opened the door to the woman who would become my wife right now and it was as if it was supposed to happen.

      5. LOL…one never knows what will happen when it comes to love …not infatuation but real love.

  1. In my case, there’s none. 😀

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