Boycott an Award Show? Is this what we should be Concerned with?

To Boycott or Not to Boycott: The Ethics behind Your Travel Dollars ...Martin Luther king Jr. boycotted things that were about the rights and freedoms of others, civil rights. He didn’t protest, boycott, fight for civil rights so someone can boohoo over not getting nominated for a movie or that no one of color didn’t get nominated at all this year here in 2016…Please.

Will Smith didn’t get nominated for his work in Concussions so Jada Picket Smith is going to boycott the Academy award show. Spike Lee is boycotting the award show because there wasn’t any actors of color nominated for their work all the nominees were white, he is boycotting although Spike Lee said he isn’t using the word boycott, instead he is going to be courtside on February 28th watching the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden playing the Miami Heat.  While this may seem news worth to some, this should not be headline news. Boycotting an award show pales in comparison of other more important things that could be worth boycotting against. Is boycotting a show something we should be concerned with? At the present time? …No.

In one way I agree with Spike Lee about one thing …the use of the word boycott. When I think of that word I think of the images you see on this post not actors complaining that they are not being given recognition at their job. Maybe you and I should do that , complain we don’t get recognized for the hard we do and boycott … see how far that gets you …

So my point is yes it is a perceived slight against people of color that no one was nominated but it is not worth boycotting and making it like their rights to make movies were hindered in any way. Their influence and celebrity could be put to better use for more meaningful causes to boycott.


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