The Eyes Have it…

I have to thank fellow blogger EnglishRosiee at Rinse before Use for the inspiration of this entry. She made an interesting post asking what is the big deal about South Africa getting Netflix. It might not seem like a interesting question outside of South Africa but she does raise an interesting point.

Netflix is just one more thing to watch, one more way to use up what little time we have to do more important things like in her case date. But as I mentioned to her it is just a confirmation of the fact we are a visual society have always been and for the foreseeable future will remain so.

Our sense of sight in many ways is something we take for granted yet the world around us is designed to capture our attention by using that very thing. Every ad, every commercial, every music video or game is designed to do what? Get us to watch. And let’s be honest …it works. So much so that we in turn get desensitized if we watch something often enough or long enough. We laugh if we a show where someone is hypnotized and we see them acting silly, well in a way isn’t the same way with our tv viewing habits or our watching videos on youtube or renting movies on RedBox or anything else?

I am not saying do watch movies, but like anything else balance is the key and also training our eyes to be more and do more than just watch and take for granted what we take in.

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