I Believe in Love


I know that sounds very naïve, but it is very true for me. Love and relationships can be a wonderful thing. Relationships take a bad knock in life. If you are in a relationship often times you are asked why? Why give up your personal freedom to someone else? Why believe that it will be a fairytale ending for you when it will end anyway?

It isn’t love that’s screwed up or relationships that are bad often time more than not the fault is we ourselves that make it bad by cheating , lying or being abusive or being selfish in some other way. But it love is an unselfish emotion when done in a pure motive, a pure heart so to speak. Yes I have my share of mistakes that I have made but I blame that on me and me only. I screwed things royally in my life years ago and it took much of the past few years to either undo or relearn to be better as a person so believe me when I say I am far from perfect. Yet I feel blessed to be given a clean slate to start over in love.

So when I say I believe in love to me there is no other alternative. This is my truth. What is yours? Do you believe in love or do you feel it is not for you?


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