It’s Been 6 Months…

Since my one and only and I tied the knot. And we couldn’t be happier. An outdoor wedding followed by a honeymoon in Puerto Rico was how the rest of our lives started . And again we couldn’t be happier. Yes I know you’re thinking awww it’s still new, and yes it is. For both of us this is our second marriages so we have been down this road before with our former spouses, one of the differences this time is the respect we have for as she likes to put it…space and harmony. We don’t have a big apartment but the space we have is enough for us. yet we share that space at times with our kids and grandkids which can make for some uncomfortable moments especially if everyone shows up. Harmony is more personal it is what we have between us, we think the same which makes for some really crazy say the same thing at the same time, we are what I call insync so much so that it scares me alittle.  When I was married before we were together for 30 years and we weren’t this insync with each other , but this with my one and only is something we can’t put into words. It is something we appreciate that we have. We are not a young married couple so it is not the musings of people who haven’t been there done that before, which makes this all the more special.

I realize marriage leaves a bad taste in the mouth to many either because they had one end badly or still looking for their Prince Charming or that One and Only. So for me to be married twice I am very fortunate or very crazy, but I knew what I was looking for this time and when I found her I knew…When she found me she knew… there wasn’t I have to think about it or waste time. I think that is the difference of being young vs being older , young you doubt and over thinking it because you’re not sure and then you talk yourself out of it and when you’re older you know what doesn’t work for you anymore and what will work for you going forward. So yes we know what works for us. To coin a phase my one and only said to me earlier in our relationship, “I know what I like and I know what I have…each other”

Happy  Six months Anniversary mi amor!


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  1. Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella | Reply

    Congrats 🙂 So happy for you 😀

    1. Thank you …in my wildest dreams I didn’t think this would happen, so my point is it can happen to you it will happen for you

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