Does anyone Take Pride in Their Work Anymore?

There used to be a time when it mattered how well you did your job, or you felt it mattered how well you did your job. You took pride in how it was presented, if you trained someone then you should them how to do it and do well and make sure they understood how important quality was not quantity. But now…numbers crunchers rule the world and pride and quality go out the window. What brought this up? Last night I came into work and there was a note for some work to be done while on the shift before mine and my shift. But when I saw the shape that my coworker left things, I was oh no come on man clean this up, and then he gave some lip about it’s not his job and they should be thankful we are even doing this, I mentioned that even if that was the case we can’t leave it like this clean this up before you leave…which he did ..a little, very little and then left.  When I was little I often recall my parents saying do things right the first time and you don’t have to do it again and be neat about the things you do. But the older I get the more I see just the opposite, more and more people take less pride in their work, less pride in their appearance and less pride in the quality of their work. Why?


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