If you have Nothing Nice to Say…

Sometimes we just have to catch ourselves from becoming negative. I was always taught if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. As we get older that becomes harder and harder to do because we are surrounding by so much negativity, on the news and in our neighborhoods and in our personal lives. But even with that nothing gets me more going than see work mates come to work slouching and complaining about coming in early especially if they have top do it only once a year, meanwhile I work the overnight all night, so why complain? Seriously? Yet they don’t realize by complaining so much they already set the wheels in motion for a negative day instead of a positive mindset of making the best of a rare day in their weekly schedule. It also brings anyone lese down that listens to them complain…so just remember to fight the urge to complain or to say something negative…if you don’t have nothing nice to say…Don’t complain!


3 responses

  1. Just from the title, I was going to comment…”well then, I’d never say a word…” I’d be like one of those monks who take a vow of silence. LOL But I agree, being negative does bring down everyone around you and it really doesn’t make the day go any better for the person being negative either. Being positive, even when having a bad day, can change the course of the whole day. Or at least the way you view it. Not in extreme cases of course. But in the not extreme cases.

    1. But it does impact not just you but those around you as well.

    2. Thank you for reading always good to read your comments.

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