Chase your Passion, Not the Money

I read an article in the sports section of a famous ball player who was quoted by a friend that he wasn’t happy in his new city of 2 years and was looking to find a way to make his way back east. Mind you he did go through the trouble of signing a big contract for 10 years and untold millions. Reading the article while about sports, got me thinking about life in general. Often times we are faced with life decisions especially money and jobs and when we are out of work we immediately look to get another job and rightly so or we are offered a job that the money is just too hard to pass up and we jump into the new job and then after spending sometime there or in it we find out that it isn’t what it was promised or what it was told it would be, or it turned out you were more happier in your previous job or company, like the aforementioned ball player.

So do yourself a favor when faced with a decision like that chase your passion not the money. From past experience I can tell you chasing the money only gets you frustrated and stressed and you give up the one thing money can’t fulfill and that is your personal integrity. If you are in situation where you are unemployed and wondering what to do for work or get frustrated from not being able to find work , look at this as an opportunity to do what you always wanted to do, that is your passion. If you always wanted to write that book, then do it, if it was to draw, draw or if it was to be a motivational speaker then, connect with those who can help you. But whatever you decide to do , don’t chase the money , chase your passion, the money will find you at the right moment at the right time.


2 responses

  1. I can relate to this. It feels like an impossible statement when the bills roll in lol. But in reality this is what life is about having a passion and using your passion to better the world.

    1. and if you can not better the world then your portion of it will do just fine. It told me a long time to understand that and a very bright woman broke it down to me so it wasn’t like I knew this, I learned it the hard way.

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