We Don’t Know How To Act

I had the sad experience of being in a court for a matter for a family member. Sadly I had to sit through a parade of other cases before my family member’s case came up.  Maybe it was a bad day for the court or maybe I maybe misinformed but I was always taught that you had to display proper decorum when in court, how you dress, and carry yourself had as much to do with the crime you are charged with, yet I saw more and more bad dress, more and more not removing your hat until told to, I saw more pants hanging off the butt, more tight jeans hugging the girls …and more than a few cell phones go off in the court room in front of the judge, and few conversations being distruptive. There was a guy sitting in front me who ended up sleeping and snoring and I was the one who worked all night and drove an hour to get to court so I should have been that kind of tired.

Maybe it’s just me , but it’s bad enough to be in a courtroom, mostly because you have done something to get there in the first place and then to come with less than proper decorum just makes it worse because it sends the very real message that …We Don’t Know How to Act.

That puts you are a very real bad disadvantage of being judged or have your fate decided on how you carry yourself in that setting.

So I wonder when did it become okay to carry on like this? When did that memo go out to everyone, but me?  Again, the court room is one place that you have to know how to behave and know that you are standing in front of an authority figure who is deciding your fate and for how long, an anything less than proper decorum sends the real message that we don’t know how to act and if that is the case …that is real sad.


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