How Bad Do You Want to win an Argument?

In my younger years, it was nothing to have an argument with my then spouse. I was good as long as it wasn’t personal meaning my rule has always been argue about what the argument is about, if it is the curtains then the argument is the curtain, not bills, not your momma is a drunk or your father is …the point is when you are young you devote time and energy to an argument that in the long run means …NOTHING

So yes, today it may seem like a good idea to win an argument but what do you lose in the long run? The love and respect of your spouse. Is it really worth it?


2 responses

  1. Interesting topic, Jerry! Is it really worth it? My 2 cents: for matters that mean nothing, no real point actually. Even for the matters that are important (sometimes sensitive) and needs discussion, it is best if both sides can build trust prior, and learn to discuss without arguing as well, but I suppose it takes lots of groundwork, care and practice… Wonder if you have the same thoughts?

    1. Absolutely…my rule is don’t make the argument personal no two people will always see eye to eye on everything but keep it respectful, no name calling and if you feel your temper rise…take a time out and cool off and come back later and discuss it calmly.

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