When was it when you had the Wake up Moment?

When was it when you had that Ah ha moment? That moment that it was time to admit either a relationship had truly run it’s course? If the other person ended it looking back now you may realize they did you a favor, so when did that Wake Up moment happen?

Or When was that wake up moment when you had to admit that you are falling in love with someone? Guys don’t be shy to admit you fall inn love girls aren’t the only ones that do so feel free to share your ahha moment.

So often we ignore those moments of clarity, foolish pride, choosing to not believe that moment is happening because either we are trying to spare ourselves some level of hurt and pain, or just trying to convince ourselves that we are not ready to fall in love or not worthy of being in love, or that someone  couldn’t love us, how could they? I’m a mess.

Yet we each have a ahha wake up moment that life makes sure we can no longer ignore. So what was your moment? Feel free to share your experiences.


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