How Should you React When you run Into your Ex?

This past weekend I ran into my ex…ok no big deal you say it happens to everyone right?

If you live in a small town you expect it to happen more often than not. Well we hadn’t run into each other for some time and strangely enough this weekend we did and at the least likely place…the Chinese restaurant. She doesn’t eat there. I haven’t eaten there in a while and my wife and I decided to have Chinese that night.  On my way home from work I picked up our dinner when I ran into the ex, we spoke and was cordial, caught to see how the other was doing light stuff nothing heavy , no hey why did you break up with me blah blah blah…like I said cordial, she is well and her life is good I am well my life is good. She knew I got married over the summer, she said she was getting married she didn’t say to who but that it was someone she hadn’t previously dated, and it was someone who fit all the things she was looking for …was I upset ? Nah why should I be? Did I have any feelings about seeing her again? No why should I? I am in a good place in my life, I don’t need to feel regret that things didn’t work out because if they did, I wouldn’t be with my wife now. So in that the lesson for me is that I can’t undo nor do I want to undo the 2 years with my ex…because I got a lot out of it and I learned a lot about myself, who my friends are and who aren’t my friends and my wife gave me a clean slate to start over and didn’t judge my past, accepted me in the present and is with me both now and in the future, so like I said I am in a good place. And if you are wondering does the misses know that I ran into the ex???the answer is yes …it was the first conversation we had when I came home with the Chinese food.

I grant you not every encounter with one’s ex has a smooth or cordial feeling to it depending on the way things ended or if violence was involved.

So what about you reader …How did you react when you ran into your ex ? was it cordial or was it confrontation?

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  1. I have to say I hate stories like this. But maybe I am just jealous. Everytime I see my ex, I feel phsycially sick and turn into a bumbling idiot. Maybe it’s because I’m at a weird stage of my life…once it settles down, maybe it’ll be easier.

    1. This ex of mine was important turning point in my it was a big deal for me. But as I stated I am at a good place in my life with who I am with and I know there isn’t any unfinished business with the ex…there is no what if for me.
      It may take awhile to get there for you but once you do …seeing an ex will not give you that kind of reaction.

      1. Exactly. More of a feeling of ” Hi, good to see you. Take care.” I had this run in and this how it went down. The other person obviously had some anger but I was in a much better place and knew that he was with another woman and had a baby. I felt happy for him that he found love again.

      2. that’s a very mature way to be toward your ex. Not everyone handles it well

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