One Man’s Opinion …Sloppy Mindset Breeds Sloppy Habits

By no stretch of the imagination am I a neat freak. Far from it. But one of my pet peeves is working with others who are too casual in their work to the point that they are sloppy. Physically sloppy and mentally sloppy. I have come to realize that sloppiness comes with a mindset that breeds more sloppiness.

Often times I see coworkers when they come to work, dragging their feet, yawning, and tired …and they have had a full night’s sleep! They treat their jobs casually and by doing so they treat everything else in a sloppy manner. It’s time for a change! Change of mindset!!!

Be thankful you have a job when so many do not.

Treat your job as an opportunity to show your skills not treat it as a casual I’m here to get a check.

Get a good night’s sleep unless you work nights then get a good day’s rest.

Don’t forget Sloppy habits comes from a sloppy mindset

So change that mindset and don’t be a sloppy mess!


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