One Man’s Opinion …Stop Looking for the Perfect Person in a ImPerfect World

Man and Woman have images in our heads of what we expect the person we want to spend our life with to be. For men we want the perfect woman, hot as ….great in bed, can cook , clean and be everything our mothers were and more and have babies and still keep a gorgeous figure, for Women we want a man that is tall, mysterious, knows the ways of the world, can provide financially and be a great father to your children and have great abs and still look good as an old ok maybe not the old man part.  The problem is our wants are greater than our needs and our reality. We each keep looking for Mr./Ms. Perfect…while that is an ambitious goal it is also unrealistic for one big reason…we ourselves are not perfect, so our view to perfection is skewd. I have a friend who I have known for years and has gotten to the point in their life that they are picky about who they date, which is fine, I think we all should be , but they are now at the point where they are looking for the perfect person. Never going to find it. Right away they said to me I won’t settle…My reply was don’t , no one is asking you to settle but your view on finding the perfect person is skewd. You just have to adjust your view on perfection and realize no one is perfect and that it is more important to look for someone that you can see yourself with first as a date then as a friend, then more than a friend leading into a relationship. Too Many times we go 0-60 and if it isn’t magical in that 0-60 then …it’s awful.

I am not by any means suggesting that you settle for just anything just because you can’t find someone, because you can find the wrong someone that will wreck havoc in your life and I don’t want that for you. I do think though there is a middle ground that doesn’t require you to settle but to adjust your point of view just enough that the one you are looking for will enter your life…because they are looking for you.

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