One Man’s Opinion …Women Stop with the Mixed Signals

Ways to read mixed signals!

Ladies fair warning, It’s your turn to get a little grief from me, I rode the guys hard on the last entry to Man Up so now ladies it’s your turn. You send us men mixed signals and it drives us crazy. We won’t say it to you because we know you will dump us because we don’t get you, but to be fair some of the signals you send are really confusing.

You keep sending us mixed signals, do you like us? Do you hate us? Do you really want a good guy or do you want that bad boy that you know will break your heart?

How can you be sure that the good guy will be there in the end for you ? There aren’t many ggod guys around so you know the chances are a smart woman will appreciate the good guy and she will gladly take him while you are stuck with the exciting but bad for you bad boy. Is that what you want? Really?

Don’t get dressed sexy and hot and go looking for a man and then tease , flirt and then go sorry …even a good guy has feelings, even a good guy will get excited at how hot you look and will likely make a pass at you. Come on don’t do that to the guy.

Don’t say you want a man and then when you get one you minimize the nature of the relationship by saying we’re just friends or say we’re not exclusive. Then what are we? Let’s be clear from the beginning, what are we?State your expectations from the start and don’t go back and forth it drives us men crazy when you do that. Nothing worse than putting yourself out there to a woman and she says she don’t know what we are or today she is in and tomorrow she is out. That wishy -washy gets you alone fast …and us on to the next woman who will have a better clue as to what they have in front of them…your loss their gain.

Don’t show a man leg or wear something tight fitting and get offended if we pay attention to what you highlighted…you send the signals out to look at you and guess what…we did and now your mad???Come on be fair. We try to keep the focus on you and keep our heads up but it’s hard when you wear something like the girl in the picture …mixed signal.

I beat the guys up pretty good for you on this blog no pants hanging off the but showing their butts, no tolerance for domestic violence, no excuse for treating women with respect and dignity, Yes I want to see more men Man Up, but Ladies please do us guys who are sincere and who aren’t the notorious bad boys…stop giving us mixed signals …the games you play are the games you lose.


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