One Man’s Opinion…Men- Man Up

... when the coach yells at me, but I have to “man up,” and take it

This entry was inspired in part thanks to the wonderful young women at Rinse before Use and the comments by the readers thereafter about how men are becoming less responsible and more …lazy.

Men wake up it’s time to Man Up. More and more we are becoming less responsible and more want to sponge off the women in our lives …whether it is our mothers, girlfriends or wives or all of the above.  Man up isn’t about throwing a buzz phrase around it is more importantly to own up to our responsibility as a man to provide for our families, protect our children, be loving and communicative in our relationships and stop worrying about how unmanly it makes us look. Unmanly get you lonely. Loving, communicative relationship get you your spouse’ undying loyalty.

Part of the problem is the lack of male role models in the families, where the mothers have become both mother and father to their children both girls and boys and as a effect the young boys have a different sense of responsibility than if they had a male role model right there with them…(Fathers). Speaking of which where are the Men of these children? Out making more and not taking care of them? That is another entry for another time.  Too often though we enable others to get away with being lazy by not demanding much of them. Ladies one piece of advice, if your man can not pay for a date …he is not for you!

If he after 2 dates is asking you for money… He is not for you!

Do not get involved with him or bring children into this world with said slacker …because do you think he will just change because he has children? more often than not these are not his first and likely he has begged off his responsibility already.  So do yourself a favor …demand more from the men who cross your path, rise the bar and men it’s time to grow up and be men. No excuses.

Men pull yourselves away from the video games , stop using it’s hard to find work out there as an excuse for being lazy and staying home, stop relying on women to do for you. Take your best skills and hire yourself into a business, example if you like to cut hair…get 5 friends charge them 5 dollars each that’s 25 dollars you didn’t have before. Those 5 friends will tell 5 of their friends then cut those 5 hair for 5 dollars each that is another 25 dollars …in a short time you have earned 50 dollars cash.  Those 10 hair cuts turns in to 20 hair cuts quick and before long you have a thriving business. That is just an example of how to make this economy work for you as well as making the best use of your skills. Stop making excuses and start taking care of your business.

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  1. Such an inspirational call! All men should read it!

    1. feel free to any and all that you know that can benefit from this post.

      1. We shared your post on our Facebook fanpage 😊

      2. here is another post that you may find interesting …I beat up the guys good now it’s the girls turn 🙂

  2. Great article. It’s interesting that you say men feel unmanly when they take care of their children, help provide and protect their loved ones. Being all those things is incredibly attractive. Talking, spending time and listening to your loved ones makes you more of a man. The more open you are the better a relationship can be 🙂

    1. Part of the problem is that there aren’t role models to set young men straight. So they ended up with messed up values or twisted values on how to treat women and children.

      1. It would be very challenging. Once we all become adults we get to enjoy new experiences all the time. You meet people you aspire to, people you respect. You still learn right from wrong, even though it took a little longer.

      2. I have one word…choice …we choose to learn how to be better we choose to learn how to grow as a man or as a woman.

      3. Very true….so very true 🙂

      4. so many times we say we haven choice when in affect we do more than we know, we just don’t pay attention.

  3. Awesome post. Thanks for mentioning us as well. Its nice to know that there may be a few men out there that get where we are coming from. Great advice…I hope all the mama’s boys listen to you 🙂 x

    Here is my post on the alpha males for those who haven’t read it :

    1. I did write a post for the ladies as well from a guys point of view

      1. I’m checking it out now 🙂

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