You Know when you Hit a point in Life when …

You go out to dinner and the place you saw on line is nothing like the place in person. That happened to us this weekend. We saw a place on line not far from us to go eat and my wife had a coupon for us to eat at, so we decided why not?

We arrived there and well the outside wasn’t very invite and the crowd looked a little rough but we went in anyway. It turns out to be a sports bar more or less. A very loud sports bar with a DJ who played LOUDMUSIC between commericals of the football game. I was ok with the music just not soooooo loud. we screamed at each other to hear each other and we were sitting right across each other. We must of been the oldest people in the place. Normally there is nothing wrong with that but on this day …it just reinforced the feeling that we are getting older when that kind of place bothers you just a tad.

The fries was salty, the rest of the food was decent and the drinks were fine. Chances are we wouldn’t go back there again, but if we did it would be just for drinks.


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