Why I Like Everybody Loves Raymond

The show hasn’t been on the air since 2008-2009. Yet it is on reruns and you see the Barone family in it’s nuttiest dysfunctional/functional best. I didn’t watch the show from it’s beginning but once I started watching I was hooked. The main reason? It was funny…and in it’s funniest moments I realized while it was supposed to be about an Italian family in Long Island/Queens, it was about family period. There is some one in the Barone family that reminds you of someone in your family, whether it was Marie, or Frank, Debra, Robert and of course Raymond. There is someone in your family that is the golden one, someone who is the negleted one, someone who control everything and one who like Frank just let’s it all out …literally.  Like I said I was hooked so one by one I bought all 9 seasons on DVD years ago. I still love to put in the DVD player and watch. Even though you don’t see African Americans or Puerto Ricans or Mexicans on the show it’s about family and in that you see every race you see family because that what Everybody Loves Raymond was about …Family.

What about you? What shows do you like whether current or not do you have one that you watch over and over again?


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