Romance is in the Simple things

It took me a failed marriage and failed  relationship to realize that romance is and will always be in the little things. Not the fancy stuff just the simple things … Roses or their favorite flowers, a card that says “I woke up wanting to kiss you” or a home made invitation for a home made dinner and a night of romance. These things keep romance alive and well in a relationship. Like I said learned the hard way, didn’t mean I didn’t try but I learned how to be more romantic more on the simple things that they will enjoy. So to both men and women …be romantic but keep it simple…roses, her favorite song, dinner and a movie and not dinner at a sports bar (not romantic guys) a walk on the beach if you live near one,  a walk in the park, or just turn the television, computer off, no video games, put down the cellphone and give her your undivided attention and that will be a big turn on for her and really romantic, because it means you really are into her.

If you are not sure how to romance her just put on something like this …

2 responses

  1. I love this. You are so right. When I think about my ex, what I remember most is when we’d be grocery shopping and he’d just stop and make me dance in the supermarket aisles. It seems silly, but that still makes me smile … more than the grand gestures, the holidays and expensive gifts. 🙂

    1. what doomed my first marriage was I didn’t keep it interesting so I guess I am passing on what I learned the hard way.

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