The Dirty Little Secret that is Ashley Madison Won’t go Away…

So much for discreet…what was kept secret has now been exposed and anyone who has an account on Ashley Madison is nervous and running scared to cover their tracks. Not just everyday people, but celebrities, those in the political area are said to be nervous that their names will be leaked to the public. It seems each day since this scandal broke rumors  have run wild as to who has an Ashley Madison account. Do we need to know who is cheating on their mate? Should we even care if they do? The bigger issue is what will be the impact on the spouse that finds out that their mate has been less than faithful?

So much for discreet …the dirty little secret that is Ashley Madison won’t go away …if hackers have anything to do with it …it won’t go away anytime sooner or quietly for that matter.


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  1. Chilling… I never even heard about it.

    1. Apparently Ashley Madison is a site that promotes people to have affairs and it is supposed to be discreet …until hackers invaded these accounts and threaten to name people who are on this site.

      1. That should suck… Definitely. But… They better don’t.

      2. What makes this note worthy is the fact that people on the government and entertainment are on this site and some are very afraid of being exposed

      3. I would be, especially if I were a politician. It’d be righteous to expose promiscuity but it’d be boring to lead a life without little secrets and romantic perks, and definitely, it’d be unrighteous to expose them.

      4. Funny thing is the first time I heard about Ashley Madison was at a comedy show and a comedian mentioned it

      5. I’ll check it out now.

      6. I don’t date online. I’m not likely to meet them anyways, so, why should I?

      7. this is supposed to be a discreet site for married people or people in relationships to have affairs so unless you fall in either chances are you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Considering the attention this is getting this says a lot about who are having affairs.

      8. Shall we say a prayer for them? God save their asses!

      9. LOL they are going to need those prays and then some LOL

      10. Ah-ah… And they’re also gonna need a lot of rest in pieces. (Not in peace)

      11. I am not going to say it’s ok to cheat but if you are going to…no online cheating …nothing about it is discreet …creates a trail

      12. U look where u can find, that’s the drill. But there’s no secrecy in that, at least, someone owns the site.

      13. This is true. The thing is though a lit of people on that site are trying at like they’re just looking. We know you on that site to do more than look

      14. Do you have a Facebook page, a twitter account or a chatting app that could allow us more interaction? If yes, I’d like to know.

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