One Man’s Opinion …Tales of a Professional Chauffeur

If you ever wondered what it is like to drive a limousine, or what it’s like to drive the rich and famous or the rich and not so famous…then you came to the right blog. In addition to the many jobs I have had in my life on of the longest running jobs has been that of a professional chauffeur. No I don’t wear a hat, Yes I do wear a dark suit that makes people go you look the guys from the movie Men in Black … There are some celebrities that are nice and there are some …not so nice and there are some not so famous people that are very nice and not so famous people that are not so nice. Let’s set the record straight on a couple of things about the job itself…many people backseat drive, especially now with GPS on your cellphone some have checked the traffic and suggest you drive a different way even though you the drive may have already checked on how the traffic is on alternate routes to your destination. If you are a passenger, leave the directions to us, we will get you where you need to be safely. That is one and two …Don’t forget to tip your driver, don’t assume the tip is included on the bill, besides if you tip on the bill chances are the driver won’t see it…(taxable income)

Ok now that we have gotten that out of the way …Some of the craziest things that have happened while driving happened to me years ago while going to pick up a passenger at the airport in New York. I was at Kennedy Airport in the arrival area waiting when I got a call from dispatch asking me where was I. American Airlines arrival area, I replied, Go to Laguadia , the client is at Laguadia. I was told. But the flight is here at Kennedy, I replied. Go to Laguadia he says he is there waiting for you …ok so …I left the Airport and drove to Laguadia. If you ever been to Kennedy Airport you know how difficult it is to get in and out of the airport and to get to Laguadia could take at least up to a half hour. So I finally made it to Laguadia, parked the car and began holding up the sign walking to everyone to find the client. No sign of the client…dispatch called me ” Did you get him yet? ” No I replied I can’t find him …” He said he is in the middle isle” so I walked to the middle isle and still no sign of the man. My boss was getting yelled at by the client, I was getting yelled at by my boss. So finally my boss says …go back to Kennedy the client is at Kennedy. ” Are you sure?” Yes he is at Kennedy. …At this point I am doing a slow burn, that’s where I was in the first place. He will be waiting for you outside the arrival area …”Ok”. I get there and there is a man outside and pull up to the curb rolled down the window hold up the sign and say …”Sir is this you?”

The man looked at the sign studied it, then said…”No” …I rolled up the window put the car in drive and was about to drive off when the man said “Wait, wait, it’s me it’s me…”  “Where are you going” I asked and then he gave me the correct address so I popped open the trunk and put his luggage in he got in the car and we drove off.  This man had caused a lot of commotion with his I’m here, no I’m here and then finally No I’m not him …so what was his issue you ask?

He had been traveling for work and been in 4 airports in 5 days and lost track of where he was and forgot where he was supposed to be picked up he apologized the rest of the way back to his home for causing so much trouble and he said he called my boss every name he could think of so he was going to apologize to him as well. At that point I felt sorry for him, just because he sounded so sincere about what he had been through, so it made me think, sometimes we meet people in our line of work and we don’t always know what they have been through, so I try my best to make the experience for them a pleasant one.


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