It isn’t that you have fallen…it’s how you get back up

When I was little and learning to ride my bike, my father would say after I have falling of the bike yet again, come on get back up, let’s go you can do it. Every time I fell it hurt more and more yet he kept saying get up do it again until I was riding and not falling down. So the lesson in that is simple in life we will fall down many times or as my father told me when I was older, It isn’t that you fallen it’s how you get back up that counts.

So if you have fallen, and it hurts that’s fine why? Because if you feel the pain it means you’re still alive, if you are still alive you give yourself a chance when you get back up so…what are you waiting for? Get up don’t stay down.


2 responses

  1. Great post, very powerful.

    1. Thank you. I have had to live up to that saying in the past few years but it is very true.

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