Who are you?

Someone asked me that nearly 4 years ago, and my reply was …I’m me. They replied what does that mean ? At that point in my life I thought I knew who I was,if you live long enough you think you have a better sense of who you are right?  They were looking for a deeper meaning to such a simple question. My life was undergoing major changes at that time and those changes ended up changing the person I am today. My values have a different depth to them , they are the same values I always grew up with,(Family, friends) but I realize the mistakes I made at that point. This isn’t about what you do for a living, normally when someone says who are you, well I’m a lawyer, or I am a doctor or a teacher, or a financial advisor.That’s what you do to earn a living, who are you really? are you a free spirit, are you someone is a spiritual person, or a religious person? What are your values? what are things that are near and dear to you?  So who are you?


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