Love Never Goes out of Style

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It is one of the most over used words in our language, we say it more often than not and yet we seldom mean it because we say as cliche’, but it is the most important emotion that we need from and for ourselves and what we need from others. If you are blessed to be with someone and truly utter the words I love you and mean it, cherish it, savor it treasure it. Maybe for you it is true love. Be glad that you feel that emotion, it lets you know that you are alive, that you can and do feel that strongly for someone. If you are not  in the blessed state of bliss …don’t worry …your time is coming but just remember to appreciate it for the wonderfulness that love is. Many things come and go in life …hairstyles change, clothes come and go , cellphones are out of date the minute you purchase them, but love no matter what century, no matter where we are, no matter how much technology changes…Love Never Goes out of Style.


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