Bobbi Kristina Brown a sad end to a Young Life

Bobbi Kristina BrownBobby Brown and Whitney Houston

I will be the first to tell to you I don’t know Bobbi Kristina nor her parents  Bobby Brown or Whitney Houston. My heart goes out to both the Brown and Houston families though, losing a loved one no matter how tragic is tough.  How crazy must it have been for Bobbi Kristina to be the child of Music’s Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston had a voice that comes once in a lifetime plain and simple. The expectations for the child of music legends must have been out of this world crazy. It has been said that this young woman was exposed to her parents drug habits and alcohol fuel craziness. Whether that is true or not I am can not say, but I have been around alcoholics growing up, I saw drugs up close, and saw what it can do to you.The tragedy is that Bobbi Kristina died the same erie way like her mother, and with the same cloud of mystery, so the families the Houstons and the Browns will fight over who’s to blame for this tragedy, they will fight as to who now will be entitled to Whitney Houston’s fortune now that Bobbi Kristina would have been the heir to Houston’s fortune. What will be lost in all the fighting is that a young life was lost and a opportunity to uplift a young person beyond the alcohol and drugs that she possibly exposed to was also lost. I say that because one thing I do understand …we make and choose decisions that shape our life , who your parents are you can’t do anything about can’t choose your siblings but you can choose what you drink what you eat and what if any your drug of choice is. That is the lesson here. Choose to live your life better than the hand you feel you are dealt, choose to be better than how you were raised, choose to be more than what is offered, Bobbi Kristina had her life in front of her, and just like that it is gone. So cherish what you have today for tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.


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