You never know much about a celebrity’s personal life until it becomes Public


No matter how much we think we know someone, they manage to find a way to surprise us. And that is on a personal level, in your own life. These are our family and friends. But now let’s flip the script …people we really don’t know …celebrities, we know what they want us to know …the image they portray. This week is far from over but news of Bill Cosby admitting under oath that he did buy drugs to use them on women to have sex with him is a huge bombshell, because the sound you just heard was his career blown to bits. Many of his celebrity friends have rallied around him during this time of 30 plus women accusing him of drugging and rapping them, many have gone public, his friends have gone public in his defense yet what was in court records that came this week , will now make even the most loyal of friends pause and make it hard for anyone to defend his actions. Does this make him not funny anymore? No Cosby is good very good at what he does, that is what we like about celebrities in the first place they are very good at what they do, whether it is sing, dance , play sports, tell jokes, act etc.  Now this admission, puts everything he has done in a different light, just goes to show how much we really know about people who we have tuned in to watch on tv all of our lives.

Jared the pitch man from Subway is under investigation in child porn case.  Subway has suspended their association with Jared …for now.

Subway says the company believes the raid “is related to a prior investigation of a former Jared Foundation employee.”

In May, federal prosecutors charged 43-year-old Russell Taylor with production of child pornography and possession of child pornography. Taylor is the former head of the Jared Foundation. Does this mean that Jared is involved in child porn himself ? No but someone close to him could be which is putting him in a bad light. Yet if it turns out he is involved in any kind of way that requires legal action against him , then this will further reinforce the notion that you really don’t know what a person is truly like behind closed doors or behind the smiles and silly faces they show us the public.

These two men are not the first nor will they be the last celebrities to be under fire for alleged behavior in their private lives , but we the public must always be cautious about who we praise, because often times the image is what they want us to see.


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