Are you a sloppy worker?

I am sure the question may throw you at first, what do you mean am I a sloppy worker? Now before you get offended, sloppy could be your work area like that pictures above, those are obvious examples of sloppiness and yes I have passed many offices like that (lawyers). However this is deeper than just the obvious mess of a work area. Are we sloppy in in our work habits, and more importantly in our mindset?

These types of sloppiness are harder to fix than the obvious because it requires more effort and we may meet resistance along the way. True some of the sloppiness may be due to a relaxed atmosphere that management may create, and in the process set the wheels in motion to allow a level of not so serious approach of how we do our jobs.

But is our mindset such that we are sloppy in our work habits? Everything form showing up late to work, just barely making to work on time day after day? Or do we show up to work….complaining about how tired we are when we arrive to work? These factors set in motion the feeling of just get me through the day which means we are less inclined to put our best efforts into our work day.

More often than not it is our mind set that often determines how we will work that day, how much effort we put into the little things that our job requires, If we for example arrive complaining how tired we are when we show up to work, do you think all of a sudden you are going to tap into a reserve of energy and work productively? Not likely.

When we wake up either in the morning or at night for those who work the nightshift we have to have it already in our minds that it’s time to bring our A game to work and leave any and all distractions at the door when we walk in to start our day/night. Look for ways to work smarter  not harder, not look for short cuts in work but look for ways to work effectively and efficiently. Bad work habits are easy to get into and harder to get out of.  The process of becoming a neat work and not a sloppy one begins when we use a fresh mindset.


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  1. This post actually got me thinking. I need to start applying for new jobs. I feel a bit stagnant in my job at present and I can almost do it on auto-pilot so I am not really being challenged…and making any progress as such. Def. bad work habits.

    I’d love for you to take a look at my latest post. Its pretty fun and light-hearted:

    1. what did you think about my post It’s about the Journey not the Destination?

      1. Let me go check it out 🙂 Can you give me the link please 🙂

      2. Great post. I commented. But you have nothing to say on my fashion post 😦 ???

      3. I was alittle busy sorry. I am not a big fashion guy but….as long as the clothes you were are clean and decent I don’t have a problem

      4. Sure you can say something more about what attracts a guy to a girl…even if it is more their personality than their clothes. We’d love to have a male perspective in the comments too.

      5. I think being modest is important to me, you can be modest and still look sexy without attracting unwanted attention.

      6. Please reply on the post of poss so everyone can see….

      7. Please reply on the post of poss so everyone can see….

    2. This post was inspired in part because I see sloppy work habits at night and then no one stops to think why they do what they do. They come in tired complaining to someone who has been up all night.

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