Homeless Mother Arrested For Leaving Kids In Car While On A Job Interview

Shanesha Taylor, Accused of Leaving Kids in Hot Car, Finally Speaks ...

How far would you go to get to a job interview? Would you leave your kids in a car and go for the interview? Or would you have taken your children in with you at the interview? What would you have done given the same set of circumstances?

Shanesha Taylor  made headlines last year after she was charged with two felony counts of child abuse for leaving her two young sons in a hot car while she attended a job interview. The Phoenix mother says her babysitter fell through at the last minute, and she was in no position to pass up the interview, which she believed would take only 15 minutes. Shanesha sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss her decision — in hindsight, does she think she made a mistake? Shanesha’s story won sympathy from many, and supporters raised over $100,000 on her behalf. She was offered a deal to avoid prosecution, but the deal required her to allocate donated money to a trust for her children. Did she comply? And, how does she respond to allegations that she has misused donations? Plus, Shanesha recently took a different plea deal — what could it mean for her future? And, how can she look past the negative headlines and move forward?


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