What is going on with Teachers and Students becoming out of control?

This is disturbing on many levels, especially the part where the parent of the 15 year old never thought enough to put the brakes on this student – teacher relationship. Parents grandparents or legal guardians, you see something not right say something. The more this story unfolded the more I screamed at the tv where was the child’s parent? The answer sadly was right there at home and apparently had no problem with it. Seriously???

For those who missed it or walked in on this entry….this was on Dr. Phil May 19, 2015 …

Jennifer Caswell, a former middle school English teacher from Oklahoma, was arrested in Mississippi on suspicion of statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after police found her in a hotel room with a 15-year-old former student. After the arrest, the victim reportedly told police that nothing was happening between him and his teacher — then known by her married name, Jennifer Sexton. But police say he eventually admitted to having several sexual encounters with Caswell, including in her classroom. Authorities in Oklahoma later filed additional charges against her, including three counts of second-degree rape.

Most of the blame lies at the feet of the teacher, because she did nothing to stop the young boy’s advances. And while she doesn’t see herself as a predator what do you call it when she drove 650 miles to meet the student in a hotel? Talk about hot pursuit.

But at least the rest of the blame lies at the feet of the father of the boy. What parent would allow a teacher to come to their home and hang out with their child right there in front of him being flirty?

If you didn’t see it here is the video , and I am interested in hearing your comments on this.

<iframe src=”http://drphil.com/share_video?file_h264=/uploaded/videos/live/7000_Promo13421.mp4&file_flv=http://media.drphil.com/live/7000_Promo13421.mp4&#8243; width=”540″ height=”344″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” />


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  1. I think things are getting out of hand because of advances in technology and the fact that people can explore any sexual fantasy they want to – old men, young kids, threesomes, orgies, animal sex, whips and chains, WHATEVER ! Noone is willing to simply ‘settle’ for a good wholesome relationship with their high school sweetheart (no pun intended).

    1. While I agree that having a good wholesome relationship has simply been lacking, I am alittle lost as to how technology has played a part in this. Plesae explain further.

      1. Well technology connects us to new ideas and things many people would not have access to before. All the crazy porn things you can check out online. The fact you can set up a date in a matter of minutes using Tinder on your SmartPhone. Romance/Crazy Sex Partners, etc are much easier to get hold of now because of technological answers. People in the most remote of towns can even access it.

      2. I haven’t thought it that way before. But why are teachers (educators) getting involved with students? Lines are crossed at a alarming rate.

      3. I think its just a symptom of people pushing the boundaries nowadays, because they can. Fewer things are frowned upon these days.

        I’d love if you’d read and give your opinion on my latest post and reblog if possible ; ) : https://rinsebeforeuse.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/life-in-the-friend-zone/

      4. While fewer things are frowned on …it is still creepy for a 28 year old teacher to date one of her students (15 years old) and crazier yet drives 650 miles to continue to purse this young man.

      5. I totally agree with you. Its creepy no doubt about it. In defense of the internet though, it is also a great tool for name and shaming predators like her and for putting out a message for other sickos like her that this type of behaviour is NOT OK.

      6. There are some lines that are not worth crossing is this is one of them

      7. That is crossing in to a very dangerous place frowned upon or not.

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