Jodi Arias sentenced to life without parole…was justice done?

Jodi Arias was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Travis Alexander.

Because two previous juries were unable to decide whether or not she should receive the death penalty, the final sentencing decision was up to Judge Sherry Stephens at today’s hearing. Stephens had to rule on whether Arias would serve her natural life in prison or have the possibility of parole after 25 years.

The judge had to listen to both Arias and Alexander’s family. The Judge heard Arias plea as to why she should get the possibility of parole.

“It’s my firm belief that death would bring me untold peace and freedom. If I die today, I would be free and I would be at peace,” Arias said as she appeared in a prison jumpsuit in Maricopa County Court. “I realize how selfish it would be if I escaped.”

Arias, who was convicted of first degree murder, maintained that Alexander was trying to attack her when she stabbed him multiple times and shot him.

“To this day I cannot believe I was capable of doing something that terrible,” Arias said. “I’m truly disgusted and I’m repulsed with myself. I wish there was some way I could take it back.”

Arias’ testimony came after Alexander’s relatives tearfully urged the judge to give the convicted killer the strongest possible sentence available.

“It hurts too much to remember him alive because if I remember him, I remember too much about how he was brutally taken from us and I can’t handle it,” Alexander’s sister, Hillary Wilcox, said amid tears in Arizona‘s Maricopa County Court this morning. “This is what I’ve had to do so I can cope.”

Wilcox said that sometimes when she does think of him, she is in the shower, and, “I know that’s because that’s where she killed him, so I have to quickly shake it out of my head and get out of the shower.”

The second sister to speak, Tanisha Sorenson, turned and directly addressed Arias, citing Arias’ earlier claims in her personal journal where she said the person who killed Alexander deserved to die.

“What happened to that, Jodi?” a tearful Sorenson asked as she faced Arias.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez said that Alexander’s relatives hope that Arias is sentenced to serve life without the possibility of parole “not because they want to be vindictive, but [because] as you have also seen, what happened in that bathroom was a butchering.”

All but one lone juror in the second trial voted for the death penalty for Arias , but since it had to be a  unanimous decision the penalty phase was turned over to the judge who now sentenced Jodi Arias to spend the rest of her life without parole.

So was justice really done? In this opinion once the death penalty was taken off the table thie was the best option left. Sadly this does not bring back the Alexander’s loved one. But as Arias herself said she doesn’t to escape by dying either, hs enow gets to spend her time locked away for life.


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