One Man’s Opinion …Why is it open season by the Police on Black men?

This scene is played over and over again on the news. It is inescapable. We are forced to see it and deal with it, on so many levels. And before someone goes and rolls their eyes goes it’s about race again? Yes but it is always about race , The difference is it is more exposed, is because we are a media driven world, this recent shooting was captured on someone’s cellphone. But go back 20, 30 , 40 , 50 years ago, no such thing happened. The shooting may have happened but capturing it on camera? Nah.

Cops and minorities have always had an uneasy relationship, it doesn’t take much to tip the balance of that once something happens. We don’t know why the man was running, we can’t hear of the policeman said anything to make a effort to make the man stop from running, the one thing we do know though, is that the man was running, the policeman was firing and shoot him several times in the back and the man is now dead and the policeman needs to made accountable for this. This is not an isolated case as we are well aware, Staten Island, Ferguson, are examples of the thought that it is open season on Black men.

The man who shot the video of the officer in the above tape was even thinking of erasing the video for fear of being targeted for retaliation from the police either directly or indirectly. These are truly scary times not just for black men but for all men. Can we truly expect to be treated fairly?


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