He’s not for you

Reasons Women Reject MenWoman rejecting manMen Prefer Rejection Straight With No Chaser

Ladies consider this as advice coming from a man. I know it’s not going to make me in good with the players out there yet I feel the need to warn and advice the young women especially about whether a man is right for you whether he is Mr. Right now or Mr. Right like in we are getting married kind of man. Recently, I was talking to someone about how much dating changed from when I was a teenager. It took a month to get a girl’s number at least a month and that is if she was your classmate and she liked you. You had her name but nothing more than that. If you were blessed to have a date with said young girl…you the guy PAID FOR THE DATE. Notice what is at the end of the sentence period, no if ands or butts about it otherwise she is not going out with you on a date…ever! As I told my daughter once a man needs to have expectations of you up from,  If you don’t have expectations or if a man does realize a few simple things  then guess what …he doesn’t get to date you. Yet time and time again so many women are in unhealthy, toxic and pointless relationships where they give so much of their resources (money) and time and more importantly their own self worth and self esteem. So for all of you that fall or have fallen in this kind of relationship here is some helpful advice.

If a man doesn’t have at least a job …he is not for you.

If a man can’t pay for the date out of his own pocket…He is not for you.

If his car is about to be repossessed and he is asking for money to buy a new car…he is not for you.

If he is controlling and keeping you away from your friends …he is not for you

If he is telling you if anyone ask we are just friends …he is not for you

If ask you for money and he and you are not in a committed relationship or married…he is not for you

If he has anger management issues…he is not for you.

If he has a record (police) and it prevents him from getting a job …he is not for you.

If you are in a long term relationship and he doesn’t want to marry you and looks for every excuse to put it off…he is not for you.

If you have to check his phone to see if he is talking to someone(another woman) he is not for you.

If you are engaged and he refuses to set a date or keeps putting it off and you resort to giving a  ultimatum ..he is not for you.

if the guy doesn’t have a job at least , he can’t date you, If he shows up with his pants hanging off his butt that’s a huge no no. He is not for you.

I’m sure there are more that could be added to the list but you get the picture . You have to believe you are worth more than settling for something that in the long run will be both toxic and unhealthy for you. It is sad to see when so many get locked into these type of relationships so I feel  the need to offer advice when needed. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


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