Is There Any Wonder Why People Have so Little respect for Authority?

A New York City Police Detective was caught on video being verbally abusive to a Uber driver. Now the NYPD has said that the video is under review by Internal Affairs Bureau and the  Civilian Complaint Review Board.

The officer in the video, identified as NYPD Detective Patrick Cherry, will be transferred out of his post with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, Police Commissioner William Bratton said today.

Bratton also offered an apology to the Uber driver and the passengers for the detective’s actions during the encounter. “Anger like that is unacceptable in any encounter. Discourtesy like that and language like that is unacceptable. That officer’s behavior reflected poorly on everyone who wears our uniform,” Bratton said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said earlier, “There’s just no place for any public servant to use discriminatory or negative language.”

To the driver’s credit he kept his cool and never raised his voice to the officer. It is what kept this whole incident from becoming worse than it was. Some might even think the detective was trying hard to bait the driver for an excuse to be physical and arrest the driver. Yet the driver stayed calm in the face of the uncalled for hostility.

After looking at this video the question becomes …Is there any wonder why people have so little respect for authority? Or for the police?


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