Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me

How untrue those words are we yearn to believe

yet time after time we learn the stark reality

that words are more powerful than a guided misile

more powerful than Muscle bound man

and can either do more damage than any hurricane or tornado

Words cut to the chase, regardless of social class, gender or race

Look around and what do you see

People reacting to something spoken taken personally

People fear saying the wrong word in public for shame of it

yet in private are willing to put a name on it

It is my belief once spoken the wrong word can effect damage

the right word spoken at the right time can and does affect beauty

Once spoken it can not return, lit recklessly and everything will burn

So the lesson to myself after all is said and done

when a word is spoken it is done after all is said

value it cherish your words caresses, soothe and heal

then the words at the beginning of this will have truth and be real.


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