Writer’s block Why me?


When I started this blog it was to begin a journey of finding my voice and maybe by some slim chance encourage others to do the same in finding their voice. I started out ok and then something happened. I ended up with writer’s block. I write a sports blog, but that is easy because sports writes it’s own story. Everyday something different is going on, whether it is Baseball, Basketball, Football or even Hockey. But when it comes to writing your own thoughts about your own life … well that’s different. Knowing where to begin is different, knowing what to reveal about yourself is scary and at the same time librerating. So I am hitting the reset button so to speak. Even as I write this, it is hard to gain momentum. And one reason for this is because I myself forgot my own rule of living in the moment and spent more time worrying about the future and how I fit in it, then remembering that the present demanded my attention too.¬† So bear with me as I work out my writer’s block in plain sight. Thank you in advance for taking the time to stop and read my words. My voice is slowing but surely becoming loud and clear it’s just taking time to make sure it is my voice.


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