Do you consider yourself worthy?

Have you ever been complimented? Whether about your looks or the way you speak or about the way you do your job or how your car rides or about anything else in life? Have you ever been shy about receiving such compliments? We do live in a society that for many receiving compliments are expected, some have the attitude that they are happy to receive compliments and will go to great lengths to solicit them. But what happens when in your intimate relationships with family or significant other that one compliments you on being sexy or being beautiful or handsome? Do you feel worthy to receive such nice things said about you? Or do you shy away from such compliments feeling that there is no way anyone could feel that way about you? I know this may sound like a silly question, but for some me included taking a compliment is a hard thing to do. Why? Part of  it is our upbringing, maybe we were not used to hearing such things said so we find it hard to believe because no one has ever said such things to us, or if they have it is usually because of an selfish motive, say something nice so they can receive something from you. Maybe it is simply a case of not wanting to get a swelled head in believing the nice things said so as not to develop a reputation of being conceited. But then there is this other side, the side that says I am not worthy of your compliments because it is simply not true, I am not handsome or sexy or smart or whatever the person complimenting you is saying. For me the hard part of accepting a compliment is the fact of not feeling worthy. Maybe it is a lack of confidence in myself that someone can actually find me attractive, or that someone can find me smart or whatever they may feel toward me. No matter how old you are, or who you are, this can be a lifelong concern. For me, it is part of my journey of finding my voice, and knowing who I am, and realizing or being aware of this part of my personality. What about you?

What about you? Do you consider yourself worthy? If so why? What advice would you give to someone who does not feel worthy? What advice would you give to someone who does feel worthy?

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  1. Sure we are all worthy of compliments and should be open to receiving them. But in this world we need to do so with our eyes wide open – sometimes people give us compliments that may/may not be true in order to achieve their own selfish ends – e.g. guys telling you are beautiful just to flatter you and get you into bed. Yes you are beautiful (beauty is in the eye of beholder and all) but also understand the reality. Accept compliments but also don’t let them go to your head.

    1. Sometimes though we have a hard time accepting maybe because we over think the compliment to the point of not trusting , or from being teased so much about certain faults that we believe over the course of our lives that we truly are not worthy to receive anything positive or anything nice , even a compliment .

      1. Some times compliments are sincere, we tend to take them as if someone is still mocking us sadly. Often times I fall into that. I want to say thank you and I want to believe what is said and deep inside I want to say yes I really do a good job but get so afraid that people will see it as being conceited or hung up on myself when it is just the opposite, just confident in my skills and abilities.

  2. I’ve learned to accept compliments but take them with a grain of salt. Some people are sincere with compliments, others not so much. Over the years, I’ve learned to determine my own worth as a person. Easier said than done, I know. Believe me. Still working on it.

  3. I accept all compliments. I accepted the compliments pertaining looks better with my “pre-baby” look. Now I don’t feel like the compliments aren’t so sincere unless I went the extra mile to “doll up” so to say. I also have people around who give out compliments as a part of conversation (Hello beautiful how have you been). Which is great. Those people can help build self worth for other people by hearing that & being coming accustome to compliments.

    1. Very true, nothing helps self esteem like a compliment or two.

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